Best Ways To Use Wax For Your Braces

Best Ways To Use Wax For Your Braces
Posted on 09/09/2020
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When you first get your braces, you may experience discomfort on your mouth's soft tissues caused by the braces rubbing against these areas. Once your mouth adjusts to the braces, you will no longer feel any pain, but until then, dental wax will be your new best friend.

The experts at Niagara Orthodontics provide these tips on how you can use dental wax to relieve the pain and discomfort from your braces.

The Power of Orthodontic Wax

Dental wax is a simple thing that has the power of immediate relief from pain. Dental wax is made from natural, non-toxic waxes, such as paraffin, beeswax, and carnauba wax. The wax works by creating a barrier between your braces and the soft tissue to stop the irritation allowing the area to heal.

How to Use the Wax

Follow these steps from your Niagara Peninsula Orthodontist to apply the wax to your braces:

  • Wash your hands and then brush your teeth in the area where you are applying the wax.
  • Break off a pea-sized amount of the wax and roll it between your fingers until it is soft.
  • Once it is softened, flatten it a bit and then press it to your braces where it is irritating.
  • You can remove the wax with your fingers, or you can also brush it off with your toothbrush.

A Few More Tips from Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics

Although you may be feeling some discomfort from your braces, it is important that you maintain your brushing and flossing routine to avoid other problems from arising, such as tooth decay. A few other things to note about using dental wax:

  • You can keep a single piece of wax in place for a couple of days, and replace it as needed.
  • While you are using the wax, you should eat soft foods and drink liquids, and you should discard it if food sticks to the wax.
  • You can keep the wax in overnight, and don't worry if you happen to swallow the wax, it is completely safe.
  • If the pain persists, it could be because of a broken wire or bracket. If this is the case, contact your orthodontist immediately so it can be repaired.

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