Braces Seasonal Style Guide

Braces Seasonal Style Guide
Posted on 01/07/2021

If you or your child are preparing to get traditional metal braces this year, you might be wondering how they will fit into your day to day style, and how you can make it fun to choose your look for the spring, summer, and during holidays. This is a common concern for fashion conscious teens getting braces for the first time. Traditional metal braces means the style of braces that have a wire secured to the brackets by small rubber bands. They have the most options for color customization because the bands must be changed when the braces are tightened every 6 weeks. Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics has some great ideas for making the best braces color choices this year.

Festive Color Mix and Match

One of the best ways to have fun styling your braces bands is to choose more than one color, and alternate them. Alternating a light with a dark makes your teeth look whiter! If it's spring or summer you might consider some beautiful blooming pink and yellow hues, or sky and ocean blues. For the holiday season, you can alternate red and green for Christmas, white and blue for Hanukkah, or whatever makes you feel jolly. If you love Halloween, opt for orange and black or even glow-in-the-dark rubber bands.

Planning for Events

If you have an important event coming up between orthodontic appointments, make sure you choose colors that won't clash with that outfit. Maybe you want your braces to be more subdued for a prom photo, or to match your dress or suit. Remember that neutral colors are always available and you can even choose clear bands. If you know the color of what you will wear, you can coordinate! Just remember, white rubber bands can make your teeth look yellow, and clear bands can stain very easily.

Flatter your Complexion

Beyond matching your clothing style, you can even choose braces colors that will flatter your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, choose light blue and pink, bronze, dark purple or soft reds to bring out the color in your cheeks. If your skin is darker, gold, deep blue, bright pink, orange, turquoise, green, or violet look wonderful.

Consult your Orthodontist

When you come in for a braces consultation at Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics, our experts help you choose the braces style that is best for you, and personalize your care. If you're ready to start your braces journey, make an appointment with us today!

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