Orthodontic Trends in 2021

Orthodontic Trends in 2021
Posted on 02/17/2021

New technology has revolutionized orthodontic treatment for today’s patients, making once difficult procedures effortless with shorter recovery times and faster results, for lasting smile transformations. Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics offers world class orthodontic care to patients throughout the Niagara Peninsula, and we are proud to introduce you to four of the current orthodontic trends and treatments that can help you achieve your smile goals in 2021.

Advanced Traditional Braces Treatment

Traditional metal braces are one of the most popular and affordable orthodontic treatments that guarantees results, and now they are better than ever with improved technology. Braces are now lightweight, comfortable and customizable. They are further improved by temperature-adaptive copper-titanium and nickel wires, self-ligating (self-tightening) brackets, and an assortment of discreet or colorful designs, to suit patients of all ages.

Digital Imaging and Smile Planning

Gone are the days of taking a manual impression of the mouth, hello digital software 3D imaging! Not only does this technology allow your orthodontist to create a highly detailed, digital rendering of your mouth, but it can also be used to visualize your smile after orthodontic treatment, and to customize the type of treatment to create a smile best suited to your unique look. The overall structure of your face is taken into account, and your orthodontic treatment is planned to yield harmonious results, to guarantee an amazing outcome.


Invisalign has become extremely popular for treating minor malocclusions and perfecting smiles invisibly! Instead of traditional braces which can impact the aesthetics of the wearer's face, Invisalign is a system of custom-fit plastic trays worn over the teeth, and removed while eating and drinking. They are an especially popular choice for adults and teens who want a less invasive treatment plan that is practically unnoticeable.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

TADs, small titanium screws, are usually placed in the jaw as a part of oral surgery, but now they have many more applications, as their technology has improved and their placement is easy and painless! They work wonders as anchoring devices to control the unwanted movement of teeth, to prevent malocclusions, and help guide jaw growth, and are removed at the end of treatment!

Expert Orthodontic Treatment at Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics

Our mission at Niagara Orthodontics is to bring the highest standard in orthodontic care to our patients across the Niagara Peninsula. Our team offers pediatric, adolescent, and adult orthodontic treatment, in a professional and welcoming environment. Request an appointment today, and together we can create the smile of your dreams.

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