Relieving Pain From Shifting Teeth

Relieving Pain From Shifting Teeth
Posted on 10/15/2020
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At Niagara Orthodontics, we provide high quality orthodontic care to children, teens, and adults. We use treatments like braces and clear aligners to slowly shift a patient’s teeth into the desired, straight position for a beautiful smile. Our orthodontist and staff understand that orthodontic care isn’t always the easiest, it can involve some minor pain due to shifting your teeth. Don’t worry, our team will be here at every step of the way to ensure your orthodontic care goes smoothly.

Relieving Pain From Shifting Teeth

Why Do Braces & Clear Aligners Hurt?

As your braces are tightened or you begin a new set of clear aligners clear aligners, your teeth are slowly pushed into a better and straighter position. Unfortunately, this can cause some inflammation in your mouth, around your teeth, and in your jaw. Fortunately, within a few days of having your braces tightened, your teeth and mouth will get used to the pressure and it will no longer be as uncomfortable.

Acetaminophen Helps

If the pain and discomfort is distracting or keeping you up at night, Niagara Orthodontics recommends taking acetaminophen as an easy solution. This over the counter pain reliever will decrease the soreness in your mouth and allow you to focus on more important things. Before taking any pain reliever, remember to following the directions on the packaging for dosage, age, and weight.

Talk to Your Orthodontist

For questions or concerns about your adult braces and shifting teeth, never hesitate to ask Niagara Orthodontist. Remember, you can always rinse with warm saltwater to reduce any minor soreness, some patients prefer this method to acetaminophen. If the pain persists and you’ve taken a pain reliever and tried rinsing with salt water please contact our office. Schedule your next orthodontic appointment for kids braces today! We look forward to seeing your orthodontic progress.

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