Summertime Braces Care Guide

Summertime Braces Care Guide
Posted on 08/24/2018

If you’ve ever taken a summer trip, you know half the adventure is planning the fun. While your family reads guides, checks maps and makes reservations, you start packing your bags. You’ve already got sunglasses, a swimsuit and your favorite beach read, but don’t forget the essentials for keeping your braces fresh and clean!

At Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics, we’ve got four hot tips for keeping your braces healthy whether you’re traveling or staying local this summer:

1. Snack Braces-Style

Plan ahead for the braces-friendly snacks you crave. Help your family make grocery lists, and check out restaurant menus online before you go. Better yet, offer to bring worry-free options to your neighbour’s cookout or your friend’s sleepover. Keeping healthy choices on hand will help you avoid tempting alternatives that can lead to tooth decay or braces damage.

2. Do The Floss (and Brush)

The Floss is more than just the latest dance craze! This summer, do regular dental flossing and brushing to keep cavities at bay while you’re wearing your St. Catharines braces for kids. Afraid you’ll forget to floss and brush when school’s out? Try using alerts on a mobile device. Set them for the same times every day so you can stay on track like a warm weather pro.

3. Prep a Travel Pack

Instead of making excuses for not flossing and brushing this summer, prep a travel pack of braces care must-haves and take them wherever you go. Besides a toothbrush, toothpaste and — you guessed it — dental floss, stash orthodontic wax and a portable mirror in waterproof bag. When your mobile device says it’s time to show your braces some love, you’ll be ready in a flash.

4. Keep Appointments Coming

We know you’ve got a long list of friends to see this summer, and we hope that list includes us! Just like regular flossing and brushing, your regular visits to our practice help us stay on top of any necessary adjustments or potential problems with your braces. Why not use the calendar feature on your mobile device to manage your upcoming appointments and set reminders?

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