Tips And Tricks For Flossing With Braces

Tips And Tricks For Flossing With Braces
Posted on 10/17/2018
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When you have braces, keeping up with oral hygiene is especially important. But flossing can be more complicated, and sometimes even painful. That’s why your local Ontario orthodontist is committed to helping you, our braces patient, create and maintain an oral hygiene routine. This includes flossing. Here are a few tips to make the job easier.

Prepare An Oral Care Kit

A great way to ensure you keep up with your oral hygiene is to prepare a simple kit including a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, a threader, waxed floss, and some lip balm. You can keep the kit in your bag or backpack, car, or at home and use it after meals throughout your day. 

Use Special Flossing Tools

There are some excellent options for tools that will make flossing with braces a breeze. One is a floss threader, which helps you push the floss through your braces and weave it in between the brackets and wires. You can also use a water flosser, which provides a very effective clean by sending a stream of water throughout the teeth and gums. And don’t forget about the Proxabrush to scrub plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth that easily sneaks between braces. 

Keep Up With Regular Dental Cleanings

A very important step in maintaining your smile while undergoing orthodontic treatment is to schedule regular professional cleanings with a dental hygienist. Make sure to have your teeth cleaned every few months for the best experience. 

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Here at Niagara Peninsula Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in offering the best orthodontic services and treatments, including Invisalign, to patients throughout Ontario and the surrounding areas. If you have questions or concerns about flossing with braces, your Ontario orthodontist is always available to discuss them with you and to demonstrate the proper flossing techniques. We encourage you to contact us or request an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you and help give you the smile of your dreams!

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