Why Do Braces Make My Teeth Sore?

Why Do Braces Make My Teeth Sore?
Posted on 02/13/2020

You've just got braces and within the first week or two, they're starting to get sore. Or maybe you recently got your braces tightened again and you're feeling some pain around your jaw. Sound about right?  While this can be agonizing and unpleasant, it is to be expected throughout the process of having braces. However, rest assured that the first few weeks are usually the rough part. As your mouth and teeth begin to adjust to the braces, you begin to become familiar with the feeling and the soreness starts to get much more tolerable. 

How Braces Work

Braces can be painful because it is likely that your teeth have never experienced wires and brackets attached to them. Furthermore, your teeth are being forced into different positions by way of pushing or pulling. Usually, when there is movement that your body isn't used to, soreness will likely occur.  This shouldn't alarm you because that feeling of pain is completely normal.

You may even feel some discomfort from the brackets rubbing against the inside of your mouth or lips. This too will be the most irritating in the beginning stages but will ease up as your mouth begins to form calluses. A good alternative to avoid this type of discomfort is Invisalign or Invisalign Teen.

How to Suppress The Pain

Whether you're getting your braces on for the first time or going in for a routine adjustment, taking pain medication is always a good idea to ease the pain prior to getting your braces. The reasoning behind this is to get the medication working in your system before the discomfort kicks in. This will work much better than waiting for the pain to begin and then taking the pain medication. Be sure to consult with Dr. Pershad to get a good recommendation on what type of medicine you should take before doing it on your own. 


When it comes to the irritation of the inside of your mouth and lips from the metal and wiring, dental wax is a great solution. In most cases, it comes in a small packed container and your orthodontist should provide this for you when getting braces. Your mouth should become used to the metal and wiring over time, but dental wax will be a life saver until then.

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